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Her Legacy

In Search Of Worlds Worst Writers

                    A site praising Margaret Cavendish for her exquisite ability to mess up the grammar and              spelling of the english language.

Truth Of Sword By W. Cavendish

                    A link to texts written by William Cavendish

Seventeenth Century Poets

                    A great site to learn everything there is to know about female poets of the seventeenth              century.

History Of Britain

                    A complete history of britain through the seventeenth century and beyond.

Margaret Cavendish

                    An interesting site about Margaret and her works.

Margaret Cavendish Society

                     A link to the webpage for the Margaret Cavendish Society.

A Margaret Cavendish Timeline

                    A nice, comprehensive timelinefeaturing publishing dates of Margaret's works.

Sunshine For Women

                    A feminist themed site giving good Margaret Cavendish information.

Science GRRL Page

                    A site praising Margaret Cavendish's Scientific Poems.

Margaret Cavendish's Autobiography

                    A link to the complete e-text of Margaret's autobiography, "The True Relation of My              Birth, Breeding and Life".

Recent Articles:

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    Books on Cavendish Available at the UNBSJ Library:

Clucas, Stephen. A Princely Brave Woman: Essays on Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle. Burlington: Ashgate, 2003.

           Lilley, Kate, ed. Margaret Cavnedish, Duchess of Newcastle: The Description of a New           World Called The Balzing World, and Other Writings. New York: New York University Press, 1992.

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Margaret Cavendish